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We are incredibly proud to have won numerous awards for our customer care and support but we never take anyone for granted - we value our relationship with each and every person that comes into contact with our business.

If you are considering a new or used vehicle purchase or an MOT, service or repair on your existing vehicle we hope that we can help you in some way and that our reputation gives you peace of mind when it comes to choosing a dealership to visit.

I have had nothing only good service from Devonshire Motrors, I can`t complain about anything.

Mrs H, Bideford

Devonshire Motors did all it said it would and the timing promised was accurate. Very friendly as well as being very thorough. Happy to recommend them as a Dealership.

Mr W, Bideford

I used to be a Ford man but I got fed up with the service from them. So I moved and I am pleased with Devonshire Motors.

Mr L, South Molton

They have always been excellent, They are so polite, I lost my husband the beginning of this year and they have been so kind and helpful.

Mrs C, Barnstaple

I don`t think there is anything else they can improve as they are always very helpful and I am very satisfied with the Devonshire Motors.

Mr B, Ilfracombe

When arriving at Devonshire Motors you are always greeted with a welcome and offered a cup of tea or coffe.

Mr W, Ilfracombe

They seem to have everything covered, I have had Mitsubishi now for 20 years and dealt with other dealers and Devonshire Motors is way on top.

Mrs A, Barnstaple

I was very pleased with the service and the vehicle, everything was ok. I have no complaints.

Mr N, Barnstaple

Just the external parking, they have improved, but it is still quite tight, everthing else is terrific.

Mr H, Bideford

Devonshire Motors are so positive, engaging, helpful, welcoming and my list could go on and on! They are also very accurate and never "duck" or "mislead" which seems unique and so positive to me as a customer in 2019.
They are just so strong / positive / direct even when my car was damaged on brakes by me they just addressed the needs I had, gave great advice / thought and did "service" and "support" at a unique level in my "car life" (nearly 47 years) and they are so unique in 2019 too.... They don`t just make overall comments or "pacification" and their positive / direct approach is so welcomed by me as a customer.
Devonshire Motors don`t need to improve anything for me! I am going to say again they are so good in 2019 in comparison to other suppliers (non Mitsubishi) and overall Mitsubishi in the UK could engage with them and spread their 100% plus approach across the whole network.

Mr C, Ivybridge